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The church - and the world - needs people who are both good leaders and good people, who can inspire others and bring change while remaining genuinely good people. The world has too many who are good leaders but not good people, or good people who are not (or at least not yet) good leaders. Brian Harris sits down with Jon Bergmann, Jennifer Argue, and Aaron Chidgzey to chat through his book on spiritual leadership and formation, Stirrers and Saints, which covers these issues - and more. No matter who you are or what your formal leadership position or title may or may not be, you can become someone who is both - a good leader and a good person, a Stirrer and a Saint.

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6 days ago

Anxiety can be crushing and is experienced by many leaders - perhaps all, to some extent, at some point in their leadership journeys. Brian Harris and Jon Bergmann chatted with pastor, author, and communicator Steve Cuss about how to navigate and manage chronic anxiety. As a leader, looking after yourself and your wellbeing is vital and Steve offers wisdom and practical advice to help everyone.
Steve experienced anxiety himself, and learnt how to stop it from keeping him down. Now he travels the world teaching others how to do the same. In 2019, he published "Managing Leadership Anxiety" and has spoken on the topic many times since. A must read for all leaders.
This episode was recorded in June 2022.
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Wednesday Jul 03, 2024

Our spiritual formation matters. We can’t expect people to go where we don’t. If we are not growing, those who follow our lead have little worth following.
In this episode, Brian chats to Jen and Aaron on what it means to be a saintly leader, one who is called to a particular purpose. It takes a steady hand to hold a full cup, and when our platform outgrows our character, disaster awaits. Our spiritual formation really matters.
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Wednesday Jun 26, 2024

Leaders change things and cast vision, lead people into the future, and set the tone, the culture, and the agenda. Leaders, in short, are stirrers.
Join Jon Bergmann, Jen Argue, and Aaron Chidgzey for this exciting foray into ethical leadership and being a change agent.
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Wednesday Jun 19, 2024

Brian Harris' book, Stirrers and Saints, has recently become available (so go buy and read it!) and so we had a book launch to celebrate. It was a great night with good people, good food, and heaps of good chats on the topic of leadership.
Aaron Chidgzey pulled Becky Oates, Gregg Weaver, Yvonne Kilpatrick, and Jeff Miller aside to ask them for thoughts on leadership, ethics, and the role of Christian leaders into the future. 
Complementing these interviews are bite-sized nuggets of gold from: David Cohen, Tracy Holmes, Pete Scott, David Chidgzey, Emily Harris, Ashton Chidgzey, Michael O'Neil, Kerry Puzey, and Kim Chidgzey.

Wednesday Jun 12, 2024

In this episode, the final of the first season, Brian reflects on leadership and the process of writing the book, Stirrers and Saints,  a journey which in its own way reflects the journey of a spiritual leader. Accompanied by Jon and Jen, they discuss the need for good leaders, the impact that good leaders can have - and have had - upon the world, and the call to take spiritual formation seriously. The world needs leaders who both stirrers and saints (and servants, shepherds, sages, seers, and stewards...and sculptors)...
(But don't worry, the next season starts NEXT WEEK)

Wednesday Jun 05, 2024

Daniel loses his home, his wealth, and his name. But he refuses to let go of his principles, of his values. Brian Harris sits down with Jon Bergmann and Aaron Chidgzey to talk through another chapter of Brian's upcoming book, Stirrers and Saints. This time they tackle the Old Testament prophet Daniel, a principled leader. This episode is all about modern faith and how to stand firm, how to confidently express and hold to your values and your beliefs in the 21st century.
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Wednesday May 29, 2024

It is not a comfortable place to be, for anyone, least of all leaders. To not be confident in the next step or to hesitate over a decision. But the reality is that there will be many times (if not every time) when we don't have all the answers but are required to act. What do we do in those moments? Jen and Aaron talk with Brian about what it means to lead without all the answers, based on the chapter from Brian's upcoming book, Stirrers and Saints, and they discuss many things in this engaging and thoughtful conversation. Two major themes they keep coming back to are HOPE (we may not have all the answers but we can trust that God is faithful and will be with us along the way) and DEEP LISTENING (listening to others to truly understand them). 
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10. Leading Quietly

Wednesday May 22, 2024

Wednesday May 22, 2024

Brian chats with Jon and Jen about what it means to be a 'quiet' leader. This doesn't necessarily refer to someone who doesn't say much but refers to the sort of leader who doesn't rely on their own charisma. They are the sort of leader who puts their head and gets the work done. They see the vision and press on toward that vision with tenacity, determination, and integrity. They may not be loud in volume, but they are loud in accomplishments - even if those accomplishments don't always get noticed. Also, tune in to find out if Brian will tell a joke.

Wednesday May 15, 2024

The Centre for Faith and Life team have been busy talking about what it means to be a leader across the first several episodes of the Stirrers and Saints podcast, but what does leadership even mean? What is leadership? In this episode, Brian discusses this very question with Jen and Aaron and proposes an inventory of essential leadership attributes - all of which just so happen to be S words.

Wednesday May 08, 2024

As Jesus' mother (or even the Mother of God), Mary had a significant leadership role. Indeed, she helped change the world. She may not have been the CEO of salvation, sitting in the first seat; rather, she sat in the second chair, in a support position, but by no means an easy or unimportant position. There is much to be learnt from the example of Mary. Join Brian, Jen, and Jon as they discuss the tale of this remarkable woman. 


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